Music by Jean Bo
Lyrics by Taliia

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1. Problems never attracted me and I
Was never addicted to the guy, that’s why
On my way I try to find an exciting
Man. Right now I’m gonna start it.
Fiesta! Fun!
I met a boy with a gun.
Oh baby you’re hotter than a fire!
We're insane, we feel a desire.

It’s ok, it’s all right
To say all night
To say to me:
“You’re the one I need”!

It’s ok, it’s all right
To say all night
To say to me:
“You’re the one I need”!

2.Handsome devil, to play this action
Be with me, I need to feel your passion.
It feels like we’re here alone
Yeah, we don’t need to hang on the phone
Fiesta! Play
With me now and stay
Here, cause both of us like it
Can’t understand why you wanna fight it!


3. I see you’re looking at me.
Doesn’t matter what will happen next week!
So what’s the point in ending pleasure?
Don’t even try to doubt or measure.
Fiesta! Love!
Let yourself to be above
Rumors. We’re more than strong attraction
Check it out, boy! We’re the exception!



released October 28, 2015
Music & Production - Jean Bo
Lyrics - Taliia
Mastered by Metropolis
2015 © Taliia



all rights reserved



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