It's All I Need (Papa's Song)




Taliia - It's All I Need (Papa's Song)


I. You're always too busy
For a heart-to-heart talk.
Guess, it’s your own style.
I know it’s not easy
To have a business. You work,
You’re there all your time.

One day, may be
You will understand me,
Your love is all I need.
If you do not descry,
I won't cry,
That is "Papa’s Song"
And my life is going on.

II. It would be nice if we
Could be glad for the same things,
That I’ve never seen.
Sometimes it offends me.
But, dad, I love you
And that’s the song for you.


III. Guess, there’re many people,
Who can’t find a way
To communicate with each other as they may.
But like an iceberg melts in a warm sea,
Some day you will see
That your love is all I need, may be.



released March 22, 2015
©℗ 2015 Taliia



all rights reserved



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